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Life in the Ordinary: Honesty, Stories, and Adventures

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Good Wednesday morning to you! How about the Atlanta heat? It’s finally here in full force. Here’s hoping you have a swimming pool or a glass of cold lemonade nearby!

We are enjoying hearing from women in the Kaleid community about their practices for loving themselves, others, and the city--the things they picked up during the pandemic that they would like to hold on to in some way going forward. (You’re welcome to share your ideas, too!)

This week, we hear from a teacher in our community who shared...

About loving herself…honesty helps us to be gentle:

She says, “Practices that help me to love myself are the most difficult for me! I’ll have to get back to you at the end of the summer!” How does admitting the challenge of loving ourselves help us to grow in gentleness toward ourselves?

About loving others…there is a story beneath the story:

She says, “My theme at school this year was, ‘everyone has a story.’ When students would make poor choices, not do their homework, bully others, etc. I tried to always keep in mind that they all have their own stories. Maybe their parents were divorcing, they had friend drama, or boyfriend/girlfriend problems. It helped me to remember that we are all children of God and He loves us all.” How does honoring the hard stories that shape us help us to love well?

About loving our community…local adventures are valuable, too:

She says, “During the pandemic, my husband and I hiked nine different GA state parks. We returned to a few and did different hikes. When we got home, we would sit at the kitchen table and highlight the trails we hiked. It was lovely seeing the beautiful landscapes, lakes, animals, etc.” How does going on local adventures grow our appreciation for place and beauty?

Thanks again for journeying with us this summer!

We appreciate you!


The Kaleid Team

P.S. - We are so excited to EAT! out this Friday night on the Buford Highway Corridor! We’re going to enjoy an adventurous meal followed by bubble tea. Our discussion will take shape around questions like: What do I know about Buford Highway? How do I define “Asian” and what does that mean for me or for others? What happens when being a consumer costs more than money? How do I seek to understand other countries’ controversies? There is still time for you to register and join us. We’d love to have your presence and your questions in the mix on Friday!

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