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Kaleid Women...

Champion God's Story

We believe that God is telling a comprehensive redemption story through limitless smaller stories in which we all participate. We are women who recognize the divine convergence of these stories. We wholeheartedly and generously deploy our time, relationships, resources, vocations, and talents toward our unique part of God’s story in our current life context.



Journey Together 

We believe that the encouragement, accountability, support, challenge, inspiration and joy found in bringing our stories together is far greater than when we travel alone.



Embrace Process

We believe that our stories, the stories of others, and the story of our city will change only when we pursue them over the long haul. Change is a journey, not an event.



Expand Influence

We believe that God gives us experiences, knowledge, opportunities, and relationships not only for our own good but for the good of others. We invite friends, neighbors, and strangers into the journey with us.



Welcome Disruption

We believe that every good story, including our own, has twists and turns. We welcome the unfamiliar. We engage the parts of life that may bring discomfort. We are curious, courageous, and teachable.



Engage in Contemplative Action

We believe that transformation happens within us and in the world concurrently. We practice our faith in ways that include both action and contemplation: creating the necessary space for transformation inside of us while we engage our world with loving action.



Commit to Being Centered But Not Bound

We believe that we “cannot afford to have an ill defined center nor overly defined edges.” We therefore seek to ground ourselves in God’s love and gracious redemption story while embracing the mystery that often comes when we gain new lenses and participate in community more deeply.



Celebrate the Emotional Landscape

We believe that life’s journey is filled with experiences of immense joy and also overwhelming sorrow. We fully participate in both. We celebrate. We grieve. We laugh. We play. We ask hard questions of ourselves and others. We laugh, lovingly, at ourselves. We are serious and we are silly.




“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of humankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”

-Matthew Arnold, 19th century poet and philosopher

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