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A Prayer for Wholeheartedness

Dear Kaleid Women:

We are grateful to be concluding our six week email series on “Loving with Power and Presence” as we See Ourselves, See Others, and See the City through new lenses. Thanks for hanging out with us!

Today, we offer you a template for the Ignatian prayer practice called “The Prayer of Examen.” As we consider being wholehearted (acting from our worthiness) as opposed to being fragmented (distracted and disconnected), the Examen is a beautiful tool allowing us to  pause at the end of a day and notice where the fragmentation took over and where the wholeheartedness was there in your experience. As we practice this prayer over time, we are drawn into greater awareness of what it means to stop and welcome the Lord’s presence and love into particularly harried moments, during the daily rush of life.

We invite you to download the prayer and allow it to guide your time with the Lord each evening in the coming week. As July draws to a close and August opens, how can you invite God’s ongoing presence more fully into the potentially busy days of August? Notice how the Holy Spirit reveals God’s gracious presence to you as you practice this prayer. 

(If you missed the “set up” for this week’s prayer practice, you can read last week’s post here.)

Psalm 94:19 says, “When my anxious thoughts multiply within me, Your consolations delight my soul.” We pray that the Examen will take you into places where His consolations delight and amaze your heart, helping it grow strong in wholeness.


The Kaleid Team

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