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See Others: The Power of Wholeheartedness

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Dear Kaleid Women:

“Distracted disconnection.” Ouch.

This is the definition of fragmentation that Saranell shared at the Kaleid workshop back in June. It seemed ironic, given that we were headed into the lazy, open days of summertime. 

Distracted and disconnected... Women who oversee beach vacations, summer camps, home projects, summer reading, and screen time? While working? While the 95 degree heat rages? And the back-to-school date looms?


Well, maybe sometimes. 

Fragmentation is part and parcel of the American female experience. While our snazzy electronic gadgets act like metaphorical duct tape that try to hold all the pieces in one place, the mental commotion cannot (unfortunately) be calendared, texted, emailed, or Prime-day’d away. 

When we head out to love and serve on a normal, well, Wednesday, what’s a girl to do? How do we move from fragmentation to wholeheartedness? 

Saranell taught us that wholeheartedness is learning to live out of our worthiness. 

Wholeheartedness is living from well-loved, well-worn, well-known places of courage, connection, compassion, and centeredness.* When we remember our worthiness (i.e., when we rest in God’s love as both plenty and plentiful), we remember that…

Courage is ours because the One who loves us fights our battles with us, in us, and for us.

Connection is ours because the One who made us a cherished daughter also gave us

companions in a family of faith.

Centeredness is ours because we know that the One who sees, knows, and loves us will hold the world together even when we pause for a moment to breathe in grace and breathe out freedom. 

Compassion is ours because the One who made us in His image also made millions of other image bearers into whose eyes we can gaze and notice His creative, loving handiwork.

So today, take a moment to rest in your worthiness. To rest in the reality of being enough right now, even with your scattered ideas, unfocused time, and knee-deep logistics. Breathe and know that you are known.


The Kaleid Team

*(Thanks, Brene Brown for three of the four things on this list, by the way!) 

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