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Who, What, How, and Why of Kaleid

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

You are patient friends.

Kaleid is one of those things that finds you as it is finding itself. We are an along-the-way group of women, following God and loving one another and our worlds as we go.

Therefore, our team here at Kaleid is always working to clarify who we are and what we do and how we do it with ourselves and with you. This summer, we’ve had some fun (and some frustration) visiting this “self-definition” process yet again.

Liz has rolled her eyes and Saranell and Karen’s rank idealism about what is possible.

Saranell has rolled her eyes and Karen and Liz’s tangible intensity toward what is possible.

Karen has rolled her eyes and Liz and Saranell’s freeform impressions of what is possible.

Rest assured, we are united in our desire to lean into what is possible at Kaleid. And that is beautiful.

We have laughed and sighed and picked up the pencils and scratch papers one more time. Because we love Kaleid and we love you! As we offer you another year of Kaleid, we want to once again share who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Why Kaleid?

Most Christian women want to find patterns for meaning and direction in the midst of the disorientation of change and disruption. By engaging important questions head on, and by offering biblically-informed perspectives and habits, Kaleid is a community of women seeing themselves, others, and their communities with greater clarity and compassion. Kaleid is a place for women to discover and practice habits that will give them confidence and courage as they seek to love themselves, others, and God wholeheartedly.

What Is Kaleid?

Do you remember your last life-shift or the last time the world seemed to shift around you? What about that time that you woke up to a new role in life…becoming a student or an employee or a wife or a mother? Or, do you remember a time you sensed a shift in yourself because of something happening in the world…learning about race or wondering about the health of the church in America or coming to grips with political confusion? Your new way of seeing colored your whole life. Even the grocery store posed different questions to you. Your prayers took on different forms. God’s life became evident to you in different ways, through different rhythms and communities.

Kaleid is just a training ground where we practice walking through the disruption of shifts, together, so that we can be open to all of the possibilities of growth and life that they offer.

How Do We Do Kaleid?

Kaleid is to be “done.” It’s kind of like a verb. It’s an along-the-way thing. As we encounter shifts and disruptions, we have opportunities to “see” or perceive differently (in a million ways, right?). As we see differently, God faithfully invites us into new patterns of following God and knowing God.

We “do Kaleid” in our groups or “Circles,” through contemplative (knowing God), learning (engaging new perspectives) and embodiment (following God). We do this together. We do this recognizing ourselves, others, and our communities as the main places of disruption and growth, because these are the contexts where we wrestle and relax, struggle and celebrate.

Beginning this year, we will be “doing Kaleid” through some repeatable rhythms that you can count on and through some themes that will rotate regularly, too.

Our repeatable rhythms are our Contemplative Prayer Circles (weekly for 3-6 weeks in a row throughout the year), our Spring Retreats, and our Embracing Shifts Circle (monthly), and our new yet to be named “Embodiment” Circle (Also monthly! Stay tuned!).

Our themes come from the three Kaleid lenses. This fall, our focus will be “See the City.” Next spring, our focus will be “See Yourself.” And, Lord willing, next fall, our focus will be “See Others.” These themes will repeat, season by season, as we practice growing through disruption.

Last thing – for you people who are still reading!

Who Is Kaleid?

You. You are not just Kaleid ladies, but you are Kaleid. As we go, we want to invite you into the generative creativity and community building that we envision for our future. We want to be a place where you create and lead Circles, where you add your gifts as the Spirit leads, and where you make Kaleid a stronger and wider place where women can find patterns for meaning and direction in the midst of the disorientation of change and disruption.

This spring and summer, we have gratefully accepted help from Tiffany and Kelly and Elise. We have laughed with Karla and Darcy and Mary Michael. We have prayed with Hannah and Roni and Elizabeth and Jennifer. We have walked with Sarah and Courtney and Meredith. We have celebrated with Beth and been encouraged by Jeri. And this list is not complete. And for that we are so grateful!

We have really loved being a small community of curious, courageous women and we look forward to growing together—in numbers and in vision—as we turn toward another year of Kaleid.

Thank you for being you. It’s a pleasure and a joy.

We will see you at a Kaleid Circle…soon! Share the love, spread the word, and join us!


The Kaleid Team

P.S. If you love Kaleid, please share this oh so descriptive email with your friend who you think might also enjoy being a part of this community!

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