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Summer Learning Journey - Whiteness

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

It’s us again! We are back again today to share the second opportunity to be in community sorting and processing the intensity of the racial wounds in our country that have been on display so vividly over the course of the last week.

“What can I do?”

This is a question in many of our hearts, and it’s a particularly complicated question if the person asking the question is a white person. Often a person of color’s response to a white person asking this question is more about learning, listening, and standing than it is about instructing, speaking, or moving. And the first set of postures is harder for those of us who are white, because we are unused to “action” as learning, listening, and standing.

And so, in an attempt to enter a space of action-as-learning, Kaleid is offering a chance to process whiteness (it’s a thing, and many of us don’t even know it!) together over six Wednesday nights. We will be using the resources available at Be the Bridge, an organization led by Latasha Morrison and held in high regard by diverse Christian leaders of racial reconciliation, that offers a conversational place for racial healing to begin. 

We’d like to learn, together. We’d like to process, together. We’d like to understand more about whiteness, together. We choose to do this, together, because this is what our friends of color tell us would be helpful in this complicated time.

Here are the details:

  1. We will meet virtually starting on June 17 for six consecutive Wednesday nights from 7:30 - 8:45.

  2. We will use resources from Be the Bridge.

  3. The cost will be $50.

And, we’d love to have you. Register here!

Thank you for being women of contemplation and women of action. At Kaleid, we believe that when we see ourselves, see others, and see our city through new lenses, our faith will be stretched. As our faith is stretched, we desire to ground it in contemplation and express it in actions. And so, this summer, we’re reaching into the contemplative and into the active as we seek to live as Christ-followers in the complex realities of our time.

We love you!

The Kaleid Team

P.S.: More resources on this important conversation here.

AND: If you missed yesterday’s invitation, learn more here

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