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See You in August!

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Hey there! How are you? We hope you’re doing great and that your summer has provided a lot of great memories with those you love.

Our whole team is going to be making memories with our loved ones (Liz will be in Alaska, Saranell is in Wisconsin, and Karen will be in California) for the next few weeks, so this is our last Wednesday email until August. When we return, it will be to announce our fall offerings!

It has been really fun to share some of the rhythms and resources that you all have been relying on through the pandemic--things you value and hope to keep and incorporate in your “back to normal” life.

Today, we offer you a few questions to ponder your own return to life in the fast lane. (Which, if you travel I-285 with any regularity, has already apparently returned. Full stop. As in stuck in traffic.)

But we digress.

Here are three things we’ve routinely asked in our Kaleid circles as we’ve met through the Covid season.

  • What has Covid given to you?

  • What has Covid taken from you?

  • What has remained for you, despite Covid?

As you think about these questions, invite God to lead you to gratitude, grief, resolution, surrender, and hope. Invite God to show you what, of this season, can remain and become rooted in the soil of your life, long past when we are wearing masks and wondering about vaccines.

For the next few weeks, would you keep these questions close at hand? Would you write them on an index card and put them in your window or mirror or Bible or by your bed? Would you give yourself time to sit with them and see what the Holy Spirit would lead you toward as you leave them open, allowing your own heart to become illuminated by the light of God’s loving presence with you over these last many months?

We love you.

We look forward to being together this fall.


The Kaleid Team

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