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See the City: Atlanta

Dear Kaleid Women,

Are you ready for it? That {most wonderful} time of the year…

When it’s tempting to crawl back in bed, throw the covers over your head, and deny the guests coming next week?

Or, when it’s tempting to turn the Costco list into a secret game of “I can beat that woman through the checkout, and look, she doesn’t even have toilet paper in her cart (her poor, poor guests)!”

We know it’s, well, complicated.

Everyone has a place - a context in which we will live out the holiday season. The Kaleid Project’s context is the greater Atlanta area, and we want to invite you to get comfortable with living in the particular messy, beautiful, growing, hurting, thriving, busy town that is our city. At Kaleid, it’s our pleasure to offer a smorgasbord of curated city-oriented ideas to you for the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas season. So here goes...

This week, as we curate the Kaleid lens “See the City”, we’re offering three types of opportunity:

1. A Quiet Meditation (for the cover throwers who need a minute to center themselves)

Have you ever been to Chicago? Have you ever been to Malibu? What do you think about Jesus coming in those places? What about when He comes to Atlanta in quiet, new ways in this season of Advent? What if He comes to you through a quiet naturescape on an early morning sanity walk or a blurry cityscape on a late night drive home from a party? What if He comes to our city through a quiet act of kindness to someone’s child or a smile you offer in the Costco line?

2. A List of Atlanta Activities (for the Costco racers who get a thrill out of lines and loud)

This Atlanta website has a list of things to do in Atlanta in the coming Holiday season. Everything from a “Santa Speedo Run” to “Candlelit Nights” at the Atlanta History Center. Turns out there’s a line each one of us might enjoy joining!

3. An Invitation to Be a Friend or to Serve (for those who want to practice the presence of Jesus in the city in new ways)

Clarkston favorite, Refuge Coffee Company hosts a Friendsgiving potluck meal every year. This year, it’s on Monday, November 19 from 11 – 1. The address is 4170 East Ponce de Leon, Clarkston, GA 30021. As they say in their promotional materials, “no frills, no entertainment, just plain old hospitality.” It’s a great get-out-of-the-house opportunity for people who might be staring down a long week of house guests! Sign up to bring a dish here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Will you pray with us? We are seeking to enter partnerships with other organizations in order to continue to grow The Kaleid Project after the New Year. We have key meetings coming up in the next few weeks that will determine our future viability. Would you pray that God would see fit to open doors and that, if He doesn’t, that we will have wisdom in discerning what’s next for Kaleid? Thanks!

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