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Pray, Walk, Read, or Serve with Kaleid this Summer!

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

It’s almost front porch season. Pool season. Firefly season. Long dinner and slow morning season. And we are so excited!

This summer, we want to invite you to our front porch…to hang out, get to know one another, and sink into the opportunity that summer provides to celebrate the abundance and health that God has for us–for our bodies and for our spirits.

Our summer theme is “To Be Made Well.” It comes from the title of Amy Julia Becker’s book, and we loved it so much that we decided to make it a whole deal at Kaleid this summer!

Last week, we announced our six-week Contemplative Circle, where we will be exploring Jesus’ healing miracles in Mark 5 and leaning into some of the gifts and practices that God gives us so that we can experience healing. We hope you’ll sign up and join us next week (5/18) for our first meeting!

This week, we’re announcing three other “To Be Made Well” summer opportunities with Kaleid!

The first is a Kids Camp Serving Circle–a way to participate in the healing of young lives broken through war, persecution, and international displacement by bringing delight and community to them. Kaleid ladies (that means you!) are serving on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:15 - 4:30, the week of July 25th at the Friends of Refugees summer day camp for elementary-aged students. You can sign up to serve one or more days…we’d love to see you there! (Also, if you cannot come but want to donate for lunches that week, there’s a link here.)

The second is a Summer Book Circle–a two part discussion of Amy Julia Becker’s book To Be Made Well. We look forward to diving into the beauty of the healing work of Jesus in our bodies and in the world, together. Oh, and we will also have dinner with each other and have a chance to do a bit of yoga one of the nights! Sign up here and mark your calendars for June 15 and July 13, 7-9 pm.

The third is our Walking Pop Up Circle–a few chances for Kaleid ladies to walk and talk and get to know one another and our city! We are grateful for the slower pace of summer that allows us to tend to the slow work of healing our bodies and nurturing our relationships through gentle exercise and generous conversation. Sign up here for one or more of the walks!

Summer is such a meaningful time to sink into our treasured relationships and to slow down to be with God and one another. We would love to get to be with you as you are able! And, if you’ve never joined us for a Kaleid circle, now’s a perfect time to dip your toe in the water (we promise, it’s warm) or to pull up a chair on the front porch for a glass of tea and a visit.

See you soon!


The Kaleid Team

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