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Naming the Tension: Whiteness

Dear Kaleid Women,

Do you feel it? The tension of the last few years wearing us down?

Are you tired of the wear and tear of Facebook wars and loud news?

There are so many hot button issues right now. So many dinnertime conversations with family and friends that used to be low-key now contain seeds of misunderstanding and frustration because of the “issues.” There is tension.

We can relate.

At Kaleid, we believe that the vitriol of our cultural interactions can only be toned down in spaces of relationship and reflection.

We believe that embracing tension can be a fruitful, necessary part of our spiritual pilgrimage.

We believe that it is healthy to take time to orient ourselves within hard conversations by learning where we are and where others are in the landscape.

We believe that while social media is sometimes helpful in forming perspective, community and conversation are nearly always helpful in this process.

We believe that we have a reliable guide in Jesus for what it looks like to love our neighbors well.

Therefore, we want to offer you safe space to walk through a specific issue – the race conversation – as individuals, in community via our upcoming “Virtual Book Club” on the book White Awake.

After all, it is the physical principle of tension that allows bridges to hold.

Starting Monday, we will take five weeks to get comfy and meet virtually for time to intentionally process the tension around race in a safe and welcoming place. We’ll meet on Monday nights from 8-9 pm on a “Zoom” call.

We will all come with questions.

We will all come with perspectives.

We will all come with hearts to love one another well.

Together, we can orient ourselves to a more peaceful and informed conversation about race in America. We can hold the tension and build a bridge.

Won’t you join us?

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