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Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Good morning! We are grateful for you and for this community of thoughtful and brave women. Those of us sharing in the “On Being Pro Life” Circle have been reminded of the grace of deep listening, the power of love in action, and the wisdom of seeking understanding.**

Jesus’ “heart, soul, mind, and strength” approach to loving God and others is simple and complex, all at once. It is so good to be with one another along the way.

As the election approaches, we want to be deeply grounded, humbly aware, and fully engaged. We want to make space together to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength. To do so, over the next four weeks, we will share a contemplative practice (to ground us in God as held and loved), a learning moment (to add humility and wisdom to our civic thinking), and an embodiment encouragement (to remind us that our actions are spiritually powerful). 

We hope you’ll join us by engaging one (or all) of these invitations each week this month. The world is loud and messy, but God has revealed what it takes to be mature and faithful followers. It takes our whole selves--heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

We love you.

Contemplative Practice:

This week, take time to recall and celebrate God’s character and God’s mission in the world. Read the Psalms from the lectionary today (or everyday this week) and write down what the psalmist says about either who God is or what God is about in the world. Then review God’s character and mission as revealed in the psalms you read, and picture yourself rooted in the truths God showed you. 

Learning Moment:

While the news can be messy, angering, or confusing, there are voices of wisdom speaking about partisanship, politics, prayer, and our own civic engagement. We offer these to you in a spirit of open handed hope. This week, we encourage you to watch this conversation with Justin Giboney about engaging the political with compassion and conviction.


Embodiment Encouragement:

What does it mean to love God with all of our strength? This short video by The Bible Project unpacks the beauty and power of the idea. After you watch it, take a few moments to look ahead into the next 24 hours and have a conversation with the Holy Spirit. Ask, “Where can I add ‘muchness’ to my love of you or of others, in a tangible way, in the coming day?” Listen. And then receive the grace to live into the answer. 

We look forward to the coming month of being, thinking, and doing--together. 


The Kaleid Team

**At Kaleid, we desire to embrace life’s inevitable shifts by seeing ourselves, seeing others, and seeing the city through new lenses. We look through these lenses with the conviction that our growth as Christ-followers involves three things: leaning into the contemplative by being in God’s presence, going deeper by using our minds to learn and listen, and becoming physically engaged in the coming of God’s kingdom. We contemplate, we learn, we embody. 

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