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A Prayer for Welcoming

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Good morning! Today we share a poem that calls us to remembering and welcoming, the third set of practices and postures for healing. We pray that you are blessed as you open yourself to the healing care of God today.

Also, Kaleid ladies are walking together this Saturday morning, and we would love to have you! We are meeting at 8:30 for a walk along the Beltline. No agenda…just visiting. Learn more here.

This Moment

If only for this moment, I will be loved.

Not for what I say or do...but for who I am.

(And not for whom I strive to be but who I was created as.)

Not just the nicely wrapped parts, either. And the parts of me I understand.

But my jagged edges, too, and my bewildered musing about why I do what I do.

If only for this moment, I will be.

Space-filled. Spacious. Aware. Free.

If only for this moment, I will let myself trust and let myself hope.

Not so much because I want to feel happy and optimistic

(or be perceived as being happy and optimistic!)

But because I want to know, in this moment, that I am

Intentionally fashioned and intricately connected.

If only for this moment, I will let wholeness find me.

In my head. In my body. In my heart

In my entire being.

Even in my ‘self’.

We love you,

The Kaleid Team

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