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A Prayer for Abiding

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Good morning! Today we share a poem that calls us to abiding through stillness, silence and solitude, the second set of postures and practices for healing in Kaleid’s To Be Made Well email series. We pray that you are blessed as you receive the kind regard of God today.

Also, if you’d like to join us as we serve kids at a summer camp in Clarkston one of the days on the week of July 25, we would love to have you! It’s going to be a sweet time! Learn more here.

The Eyes of Jesus

I imagine the eyes of Jesus

Were harvest brown,

The light of their gazing

Suffused with the seasons:

The shadow of winter,

The mind of spring,

The blues of summer,

And amber of harvest.

A gaze that is perfect sister

To the kindness that dwells

In his beautiful hands.

The eyes of Jesus gaze on us,

Stirring in the heart's clay

The confidence of seasons

That never lose their way to harvest.

This gaze knows the signature

Of our heartbeat, the first glimmer

From the dawn that dreamed our minds,

The crevices where thoughts grow

Long before the longing in the bone

Sends them towards the mind's eye,

The artistry of the emptiness

That knows to slow the hunger

Of outside things until they weave

Into the twilight side of the heart,

A gaze full of all that is still future

Looking out for us to glimpse

The jeweled light in winter stone,

Quickening the eyes that look at us

To see through to where words

Are blind to say what we would love,

Forever falling softly on our faces,

His gaze plies the soul with light,

Laying down a luminous layer,

Beneath our brief and brittle days

Until the appointed dawn comes

Assured and harvest deft

To unravel the last black knot

And we are back home in the house

That we have never left.

(John O’Donahue, To Bless the Space Between Us)

We love you!

The Kaleid Team

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