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A Light Walk...Our Gift to You

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

We pray you had a wonderful Christmas and that you have found joy in the celebration and relaxation that this season has held for you! We appreciate you very much...your presence, your generosity, your courage, your friendship.

This email contains a simple gift for you. A way to say thank you for being you and for being with us during this wild and woolly and bewildering year.

Christmas lasts for 12 days and leads us to Epiphany--the season when we celebrate the light of Jesus, with us, in his earthly life and ministry. In preparation for Epiphany and in celebration of Christmastide, we are sharing a guided contemplative walk with you.

Simply plug in your headphones, put on your walking shoes, and take us with you for a 30-minute guided reflection on the light of God’s hope, joy, peace, and love, all of which came to be with us in the person of Jesus Christ.

We love you!


The Kaleid Team

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