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See Yourself: Habits, Loves, and Formation

Dear Kaleid Women,

Wow. It’s nearly August, and we stand on the cusp of a New Year of sorts. The academic year brings both chaos and structure, pressure and purpose. As we turn the corner toward the third quarter of 2019, and as we consider the joy of freshly sharpened pencils, blank sheets of paper, and new school shoes, we also offer the Kaleid community a new email series* based on one simple idea: our hearts are formed by that which we habitually do. 

In other words, our personal “liturgies” (our fixed, repeated life ceremonies) are the things that shape us and form us in particular directions. We don’t have to do more; we can grow and change by just paying attention to what we are already doing in the first place. 

Spiritual formation is a fancy sounding pair of words that seems like it might be reserved for the monastery or for people with way more time than sense. But over the next several weeks, we will bring the idea out of the clouds and into the daily as we “See Ourselves” by exploring spiritual formation as simply the heart-shaping habits of our faith. 

For now, this week, observe your liturgies–your repetitive life ceremonies–as you go through your week. How do you wake up? How do you go to bed? How do you spend your discretionary time? What family routines do you have that form your love for one another? What other loves are revealed by your habits? 

Notice your habits. Notice your loves. Notice the connection between the two. 

Indulge your little-girl self by turning a page and running your hand over the smooth feel of new paper. Sharpen a pencil. Take five minutes to reflect on habits and loves in your life. See what emerges and, if you’d like, share what you discover with us.

We’re grateful for you. Thanks for taking the time to read and to be a part of the Kaleid community. Thanks for being a woman who wants her little habits and her human-sized loves to reflect God’s great love for her, for the other, and for her city. 


The Kaleid Team

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