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Life at the Center

Dear Kaleid Women,

Good morning! Today we want to offer a poem that a member of our team wrote and shared for the first Foundations Circle meeting on Saturday. It’s a beautiful reminder that the center holds. (Colossians 1:15-20)

You were made in love, by love, and for love. May your heart find its rest in that assurance today.

We are women in transitions -


To know our center

To be grounded


Our minds

Our emotions

Can swirl like a hurricane

But there is a center

There is an EYE

AN “I am”

That is still

Where all is well

The power

The generative life force

Not to destroy

But to create

Draws us in

To be

To be still

To be still and know

To be still and know that I am God

To be

To be still

To be still and be known

To be still and be known that I am LOVED

  • Saranell Hartman

Blessings to all of you today!

We had a good first morning of the Lord's Prayer Contemplative Circle today. You’re still welcome to register and join us for the next six Wednesday mornings if you’d like!


The Kaleid Team

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