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Breathing Life into the Ordinary

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Since we like to notice where we are in the Liturgical Year, today is a good day to note that we have passed from Eastertide, through Pentecost, and into Ordinary Time. So, may we be the first to wish you “Happy Ordinary Time!”

The presence of the Holy Spirit, God-still-with-us ever since that first Pentecost, makes it possible for us to live life to the fullest, even in the most ordinary of days and seasons.

Summertime is a great season to notice the ordinary. We can see our ordinary families, our ordinary neighborhoods, our ordinary entertainment, and our ordinary ways of relaxation as we slow down and exhale.

This year, there is a sweet sense of hope infusing our ordinariness. We have a special appreciation for the simple gatherings, simple freedom, and simple routines that we have missed during the pandemic.

When we notice the life of God in our ordinary and when we open ourselves to the work of the Spirit in our daily lives, we can see past the visible and glimpse God-life.

When we look at our worlds with eyes lit with the love of the Spirit, we see ordinary things differently.

This summer at Kaleid, we’re going to come together, as a collective, and share some of the resources that have helped us to see ourselves, others, and our city in light of God’s love over the last 15 or so months. We’ll share with one another some of the tools God has given us to discover life in our ordinary pursuit of loving ourselves, others, and our communities well.

So, starting next week, we will be sharing three resources per week, one in each of our three Kaleid lenses: See Yourself, See Others, See the City.

Here’s what we’re asking from YOU! If you have any resources you love, you can fill out this google form and share them with us, and we will happily pass them on! For those of you who choose to participate, your name will be entered into a drawing for a FREE and beautiful Kaleid mug that was artfully designed and hand crafted by Kate at Brukie Studio in Memphis.

All you have to do is spend a few minutes thinking back on your pandemic existence and sharing some of the encouraging, inspiring, challenging, hopeful, or revolutionary resources and life-hacks that helped you love yourself, love other people, or love your community better.

(You detail people may be wanting some examples. So, for instance, what visual reminders have helped you to love - gardens you’ve planted or candles you’ve lit or quotes you’ve taped over your sink? What activities have led you deeper into love - walks you have taken or parts of the city you’ve seen or prayers you’ve prayed? What habits you’ve adopted have taken you deeper into love - podcasts you’ve subscribed to or devotionals you’ve read or hobbies you’ve adopted?) The options are endless...we just want your great ideas and to know how they’ve helped you in your desire to wholeheartedly love yourself, others, and your community.

Take five minutes and (maybe) win a mug!

Until next week…


The Kaleid Team

P.S. - Sign up today for our FREE summer circles! We are excited to have three chances to be together, in person, as we engage in “Playful Patterns of Proximity.” We’d love to have you Watch! Eat! and Walk! with us!

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