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Advent Reflections: Incarnation

Dear Kaleid Women,

At some point, the chaos of the season yields to quiet wonder, right? The story of Advent is the story of Mary and Joseph finding a quiet corner in the midst of chaotic humanity for the wondrous birth of the Prince of Peace. Every good Christmas movie echoes the story of quiet wonder being born out of chaos…from Buddy the Elf to Charlie Brown to George Bailey. It’s chaos time. Chaotic planning. Chaotic school events. Chaotic list-making. Chaotic sugar highs. Are you yearning for the quiet wonder? At Kaleid this week, we invite you into spaces of purposeful reflection to integrate the (often chaotic) realities of the season. This week, we’re going with the flow. We aren’t suggesting that you stop the chaos, rather we invite you into the quiet wonder within it. As you move through your Friday (yay!) and into your weekend (games, décor, shopping, family, etc.!), we are issuing a formal invitation to let the pace be what it is and to find quiet moments of reflection along the way. Here are three beautiful, physical verses for reflection that connect our physical experiences to the deep reality of God’s presence with us. Reflection as we eat: “Taste and see how good the Lord is!” – Psalm 34:8 When we eat (zero Kaleid judgment on what we eat…), can we momentarily pause to savor the taste of the food, letting it remind us of the reality of God’s deep goodness? Reflection as we go to bed: “I will lie down and fall asleep in peace because you alone, Lord, let me live in safety.” – Psalm 4:8 When we lay our heads on the pillow at night (however late it happens to be), can we momentarily pause to receive the peace of God’s presence and the gift of rest? Reflection as we encounter the elements: “Heaven is declaring God’s glory; the sky is proclaiming his handiwork. One day gushes the news to the next, and one night informs another what needs to be known.” – Psalm 19:1-2 When we walk outside and are surprised by cold or frustrated by rain or amazed that it’s this late and we’re still out and about, can we momentarily pause to look up and receive the wonder and grace of God reflected by our physical environment? Together, may we be women who hold the tension of chaos and wonder, not by changing what is but by leaning into the beauty of the small things. Food…rest…the weather – this week, let’s allow them to remind us of the quiet wonder of Advent. Blessings!

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