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When the Light Turns Green: Choose Well

Jan. 20 - Feb. 24, 2021

10:00 - 11:30am

Weekly for five weeks


When the Light Turns Green: Choose Well

This virtual Kaleid Circle is offered in partnership with Deborah Garrard of be(e) well serve well. Deborah will help us process how we might use this season of our lives, in the midst of an ongoing health crisis, to inform and inspire how we view ourselves, others, and our shared community. The focus will be on the context of health, both personal and collective.

2020 has left us with a sense of loss, and healing is a slow, worthy work. By reflecting on the various aspects of our health--mind, body, and spirit--we can move intentionally toward wellness. During our sessions, we will consider overarching approaches to the choices we make every day, both regarding what we eat and regarding the life experiences we choose that eat at us.

Sessions will focus on concepts and practices such as the difference between disease and dis-ease, connecting word and deed with wellness, learning what questions to ask in seeking to be well and serve well, understanding how being and doing are connected, and discovering how to “get real” with our food and health future.

We are excited about this circle because it will inspire us to embody the reality that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit by bringing together various aspects of our health.

Be(e) well serve well is a nonprofit wellness initiative designed to educate and empower the wellbeing of faith leaders, educators, and those raising children. Strong leaders create strong communities

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