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To Be Made Well Contemplative Prayer

May 18 - June 25

6:30 - 7:15 a.m.

Weekly for six weeks



To Be Made Well Contemplative Prayer

Kaleid’s Summer Contemplative Series, “To Be Made Well,” will be a time to ask for and bask in the healing of God for our bodies, for our spirits, and for our world.

A Christian’s participation in the resurrected life of Jesus, today, is a curious thing. It is a life of defiant hope that all will be made well in the middle of the relentless nature of our “already-but-not-yet” broken reality.

It is an invitation to a life of radical honesty about the pain of the death-dealing nature of our present age.

Yet, it is an invitation to boldly ask Jesus for the healing that he came to bring.

And, it is an invitation to practice being made well by participating in God’s life.

To choose to believe in Christ’s resurrection and our life within it is to choose to stand inside a faith-stretching soul-space that is opposed to cynicism, greed, fear, and so much more. It is to believe that in its final form, the Life of God will make all things new, and that that life will be so abundant that God’s city will even have trees with leaves that are readily available for the “healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22)

It is to trust that all will be made well.

Our contemplative mornings together will include time with the three healing stories of Mark 5, and it will include reflection on some God’s gifts and practices designed to nurture our healing. During our meetings, we will engage in the practices of Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, and The Prayer of Examen.

We look forward to connecting our bodies and our spirits this summer under the theme of To Be Made Well. Won’t you join us?

“Whether in the country or just passing neighbours’ gardens or public parks, summer reminds us of the insane generosity of God. Trees and plants flower and fruit in a way that can seem almost criminally wasteful. Bumble bees amble past, drunk on nectar. Neither animals nor humans can eat and use all the fruit that emerges from the trees and bushes.…The God who is with us always to the end of time is not limited to any season. God…invites us in the summer, perhaps more vividly than at other times, to hear ‘this is my body’ as an invitation to savour the beauties of creation. This includes ourselves, the other, whether family, friend or stranger, and the earth in full flower and fruit as the power of the risen Christ liberates all creation from bondage.” - Dr. Gemma Simmonds (

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