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Kaleid Spring Retreat

Thursday, April 21 - Friday, April 22

5:00 pm Thu. - 1:00 pm Fri.

Statio: Dwellng in God's Presence

The Ignatius House Retreat Center


Kaleid Spring Retreat

The theme for Kaleid's 2022 Spring Retreat is "Statio: Dwelling in God's Presence. Statio is a spiritual practice of pausing as we transition between one thing and another. It can happen in tiny ways as we pause between tasks in a day, and it can happen in notable ways as we pause to consider the next best step as we move through a big life transition.

Statio (intentionally pausing) is a way of grounding and orienting ourselves.

On April 21-22, we hope you’ll join us as we stop to pause together on a Thursday afternoon for 24 hours to consider what it means to dwell in God’s presence.

On the retreat, we are going to be coming home to God’s welcome as we spend time with the Shema, the Old and New Testament teaching to love God with our heart, soul, and strength.

Our hope for the retreat is that we would all be reminded again that the space in which we live and move is God’s presence and God’s love. This is our true home.

We will pause to ask, “how do we come home?”
Because it is there, in God’s dwelling place, our true home, that we become free to offer our heart, our soul, and our strength in love.

It is as we dwell with God that we are able to wrestle with the pain of brokenness, disordered desire, and shame about who we are and what we bring. Dwelling with God brings healing. It brings capacity for wholeness and intimacy and the freedom to show up just as we are.

All of who you are is welcome in God’s presence. The Shema is an invitation to bring your whole self into the presence of God. You are invited to join us for a pause and to remember God’s great welcome and to respond with your heart, your soul, and your strength.

Won’t you join us?

When: April 21-22, 2022
Where: The Ignatius House Retreat Center
Cost: $189

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