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FREE Contemplative Circle: When Love Meets Fear

Wednesdays: Aug. 25, Sept. 1, Sept. 8

6:30 - 7:15 am

Weekly for three weeks on zoom

Virtual: Zoom


FREE Contemplative Circle: When Love Meets Fear

In his book Surrender to Love, David Benner writes:

“The Christian God…offers us his love as the one thing in the universe capable of making an otherwise hostile cosmos into a friendly home. He offers his love as the one thing in the universe capable of freeing us from our fears.” (p. 39)


“Jesus comes to show us what God is like. Knowing how we would react to a god who suddenly turned up on the human scene, God becomes human, to meet us where we are and minimize our fears. The incarnation is God reaching out across the chasm caused by our sin and starting the relationship all over again. The incarnation reveals true Love reaching out to dispel fear….We gain courage to face our fears as we soak in love.” (pp. 50-51)

This three-week contemplative circle will be a chance for us to spend time in three gospel passages where Jesus reveals God’s character as one who welcomes and calms our fears through his love. We will spend time with the Scriptures and in silence, allowing God to do a work of love and freedom in our sometimes timid and frightened hearts.

This circle is free, and we would love to have you drop in and join other Kaleid women who enjoy contemplative community throughout the year on Wednesday mornings. Come as you are—pajamas and coffee are welcome!

We can’t wait to see you on August 25th!

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