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Embracing Shifts: Embodiment

Fridays: Sept. 17 - May 20

11:00 - 12:30 pm

Monthly on the 3rd Friday, for nine months, in-person

Kaleid Member's Home (Dunwoody area)

$189 (scholarships available)

Embracing Shifts: Embodiment

When life shifts, new beauty appears. Re-arrangement almost always calls for change.

Are you feeling stirred to engage the world differently because of what God has been doing in your life?
Are you looking for a place to go deeper with those stirrings and respond to them with next steps?
Would you like to listen to God and thoughtfully respond within a community of women on a similar journey?

This circle is for women who want to be intentional about living into God-given shifts. As human beings, we express inner shifts through our outer realities. We express change by doing, being, and relating differently in the world. The Embodiment Circle is for any woman who wants to unpack a shift in her life (big or small) and intentionally live into that new reality with her whole self.

The Kaleid Embodiment Circle is oriented around practices of silence (listening to God), listening (to others and ourselves), and responding (with new life patterns). We will meet monthly, creating space for discernment of shifts and next steps. We will take time to encourage each other. Together, we will seek to ask and answer questions that will open the door to meaningful, Holy Spirit led change.

The Kaleid Embodiment Circle is for any woman who wants to thoughtfully name and activate intentions toward herself, others, and the city that God is stirring in her heart.

Join us as we discern and act on new ways of being in the world because of God’s new life in us. Join us as we cultivate confidence and clarity, together.

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