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Do Justice: Remaining in the Race Conversation

March 4 - April 15, 2021

7:15 - 8:45am

Weekly for six weeks (no April 8 meeting)

Virtual: Zoom

$49 (Includes in-person tour of Sweet Auburn area)

Do Justice: Remaining in the Race Conversation

This Kaleid Circle is an opportunity for white women to continue to learn and practice justice when it comes to race, particularly as it pertains to white engagement with justice issues that have long affected our black neighbors.

Recognizing that many of us are new to the conversation, that we may have a desire to act on what we have learned in the past, and that we need the support of community as we grow, Kaleid is offering this Do Justice circle. Each week will have a different focus, with desired growth in several areas. We want to:

Understand what it means to “do justice” in Scripture
Better recognize our own cultural context and racial identity
Learn from black voices about more than just race
Become familiar with Atlanta’s racial past and present
Practice being in spaces where we are the minority, noticing and learning as we do
Form habits that will help us remain in the conversation and do justice in our daily lives

Kaleid women who join us can expect to have a mild amount of “homework” each week, probably 2 to 4 hours, depending on how you choose to engage. We also will use Brenda Salter McNeil’s book Becoming Brave as a companion reading.

Everyone is welcome—we would love to have a variety of perspectives, ethnicities, and races represented—but we will specifically be grappling with overcoming some of the barriers to enduring in this conversation for people from the majority culture.

Still wondering if this is for you?
Feel free to reach out with questions ( or, if after watching this video or this video on doing justice, you want to be with other people as you grow in this area, then this is the Kaleid Circle for you!

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