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Art in Order to See

Mar. 26, noon; Apr. 30, 2:00pm; May 4, 7:00pm

3/26 at Refuge, 4/30 at the Carlos, 5/4 via zoom


Art in Order to See

“The encounter with art is precious, and so it costs us in terms of time, effort, and focus.” - Sister Wendy Beckett

This three-part Kaleid Circle offers participants two opportunities to engage provocative contemporary art and a chance to process those experiences at an evening discussion via zoom.

Scripture invites us to enter into the now and not yet that we live in. In Romans 8, a chapter rich with insight and courage, we read about the groaning of creation that longs for redemption, renewal, recreation, and healing. Being a Christian means learning to listen to the stories of others whose pain may be foreign to us but which points us to the ways that creation–the world and all it contains–struggles. We are invited to consider our response to such struggle in the context of the hope that our faith offers.

Engaging in art is one way to listen to the other's perspective, helping us to see ourselves, others, and our city. This experience will engage our hearts and our minds.

Our first meetinging will be at Refuge Coffee in Clarkston on Saturday, March 26th from noon - 1:30 pm.

Here, we will experience an art expression called “The Buddhist Bug.” Artist Anida Yoeu Ali, the Bug, explores themes of identity, religion and displacement. You can read more about this unique and powerful experience here:

Our second meeting will be at Emory’s Carlos Museum. We will meet as a group at 2:00 pm on Saturday, April 30. You are welcome to visit the exhibit at another time that works for you!

We will take our time viewing the And I Must Scream exhibit that creatively explores several different crises in our global community. The cost to enter the Carlos is $8, unless you borrow a pass from your local public library.

Our third meeting will be virtual on Wednesday, May 4 from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. (A Zoom link will be sent to you a few days in advance.)

At this meeting, we will share and discuss our experience. We need the artist among us to help express what can't be said with words.

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