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Discover Clarity, Compassion, and Confidence
to Shape
 Your Part of the World

Like a Kaleidoscope, when life shifts, new vision appears.

Kaleid women are on a dynamic journey together, connecting God's story in our lives to God's story in our cities.


Our lives and the world change. These shifts can be messy, confusing, hopeful, or uncomfortable. At Kaleid, we embrace shifts. We welcome God's work within them as we gain new perspectives about ourselves, others, and our city and new practices for humbly restoring a just and merciful world. 

Kaleid Circles are a place to practice seeing and engaging reality so that we and our world will be changed. Through contemplation, learning, and action 

we provide opportunities to:



Live God's Vision for You 

through your unique Purpose, Passions, and Power


Live God's Vision for Your Relationship with Others  

through Encounter, Empathy, and Engagement

Live God's Vision for Your City 

through its Soil, Stories, and Systems

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