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Kaleid Circle - Packing Food Boxes

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Are you hungry for some way to serve but frustrated by the constraints of COVID? It’s been hard to know that the world is hurting and to have fewer outlets to physically show up to help.

One of our team members, Liz Johnson’s, “real job” (when she’s not leading Kaleid) is with Friends of Refugees, an organization in Clarkston that works with refugees and immigrants in areas of education, well-being, and employment. During COVID, Friends of Refugees is partnering with the Atlanta Community Food bank to get boxes of food to families with food insecurity. 

Each week, volunteers safely pack and distribute roughly 65 food boxes in Clarkston, and we get to help! For the four Tuesdays in October, Kaleid women will get to be the hands that pack the boxes and drive the cars to deliver them. We’d love for you to join us! 

How will it work?

  1. We’ll be meeting at 2:45 each Tuesday afternoon in October at a warehouse in Clarkston where we will have a temperature check and a hand-washing, and where we will pack boxes in a well ventilated space. 

  2. Then, we will each load a few boxes into our cars and drive them to the apartments of the folks who need them. The afternoon should wrap up by 4:30, depending on the delivery route you have.

  3. This opportunity is limited to six people each week, but you do not have to sign up for all of the Tuesdays. 

  4. We will have a brief virtual orientation on Tuesday, September 29th from 2 – 3 pm to share details and answer questions. 

  5. We will enjoy a time of coffee and conversation outdoors at Refuge Coffee on our last meeting day, October 27, at 1:30 to enjoy de-briefing the experience and to talk more about any questions that have come up.

So, if you’re looking for a way to plug in and see others through the lens of hands-on service, join us to pack and deliver food boxes! Sign up here


The Kaleid Team

P.S. - Don’t forget to visit our website to learn more and sign up for any of the three fall Kaleid Circles: Being Pro-Life, Contemplative Mornings, and Packing Food Boxes. We’d love to have you for any and all of them! Bring a friend and join us! 

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