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In Your Light We See Light

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Good morning! This is our final light-focused email. Next week, Epiphany gives way to what comes next…to a slow walk where we will follow Jesus to the cross in the season of Lent. (Early P.S. – We hope you will join us for our Lent Contemplative Circle that begins next Wednesday morning!)

Today we want to recap some of the ways that observing and celebrating the gifts of physical light has helped us to remember the Light of the World as we carry God’s light into our world each day.

Together, we have been encouraged by these things:

Light helps us to see. When God gives light, our blindness is healed.

Light has an orienting power. It helps us to know what direction we are headed.

Light creates shadows and reveals colors. There is a tension of grace in the work of light.

Light is a beacon, illuminating danger and indicating safety. To journey home, we need light to warn us and to welcome us.

Light nurtures growth. This growth takes time. It happens over seasons, not days or hours.

Light sparkles and dances. God crafted you to be a beautiful human container of God-light who sparkles in the world in a unique way.

A Final Light Prompt for You

When your word goes forth, it gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. Psalm 119:130

Today, take the time to read a chapter or two of scripture, because God’s word is a potent form of spiritual light. Before you read, tell God what you need. Ask the Spirit to grant you a fresh, simple understanding to light your path…just for today. Notice what God shares with you and give thanks for the grace of the word that illuminates our darkness.

Turning toward Lent

Thank you for walking with us over the last several light-filled weeks here at Kaleid.

This reflection helps us gratefully remember how the Light of the Incarnation leads us to the solemn inevitability of Lent, so that we become willing to keep walking with Jesus, even when all seems dark.

Just as the sun doesn’t shine in fullness at dawn, so the Light of the Incarnation increases by degrees. The Church arranges these events so that we follow the full arc of the Epiphany season, to see the impact of Jesus’ Incarnation upon individual lives, upon Israel, upon Israel’s Scriptures, upon the Gentiles, upon the whole world. The essence of the Epiphany season is seeing and experiencing the glory of Christ. When you experience the glory of Christ in his baptism, his teaching, his signs and wonders, your eyes are opened to see the One who sets his face steadfast toward Jerusalem and the cross at Gologtha–the Son of God. ( )


The Kaleid Team

P.S. Remember to mark your calendars for April 22 – 23 to join us for our spring retreat at the Ignatius House! Sign ups will be available next week!

And, don’t forget to register for the Lent Contemplative Circle! It won’t be the same without you!

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