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Finding What Is Not Ours

Dear Kaleid Ladies,

Do you ever feel lifeless or flat? Older than your age? Burdened by expectations, named or unnamed...yours or someone else’s? Held captive by annoyances, compulsions, or anxieties?

You are human.

And so the answer is inevitably “yes.”

We get tired, and we need what we don’t have.

One of the most beautiful “in Christ” chapters in the Scriptures is Romans 6. It speaks of the contrast between what is ours in our inevitable human state and what is ours in Christ.

You are not just a Christian.

You are not just a person with a label or a set of beliefs or convictions. You are a woman whose entire being is re-made, re-born, re-newed, re-created, re-paired, re-deemed, and re-vived because you are situated in Christ. This is your mystery. This is your reality. This is your birthright. Your salvation is here, now.

And so, this morning, we offer you an invitation to simply open your hands to these statements from Romans 6 (The Message version). Receive the gifts they offer to you today in your places of weariness and need…

In Christ, you have left the land where sin is sovereign.

In Christ, you inhabit a light-filled world and a grace-sovereign country.

In Christ, you are no longer subject to death as the end.

In Christ, you have, in fact, already been raised from the dead.

In Christ, you are no longer captive to sin’s demands.

In Christ, you are able to live openly in the freedom of God.

In Christ, you can hear God’s voice.

In Christ, you can live in God’s ways.

In Christ, your life is healed and expanded.

Wherever you are today, friends, take courage in your battle. On this day, may you know that you have what you need as you find your life within the life of the one who fought for you, suffered with you, and brought God all the way to you. You are in Christ.

You are loved,

The Kaleid Team

P.S. St. Patrick’s Breastplate is a beautiful prayer about being in Christ.

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