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Book Club: The Gift of Being Yourself

Sundays, Jan. 29 and Feb. 19

6:00 - 9:00 p.m., including dinner

Knowing Ourselves to Know God

At a Home TBD

$49 (Includes Dinner, Scholarships Available)

Book Club: The Gift of Being Yourself

"Our true self-in-Christ is the only self that will support authenticity." - David Benner

Do you want to explore how genuine self-understanding can lead to spiritual growth? Join us for a two-meeting book club, including delicious dinner and lively conversation, where we discuss David Benner's short but rich book “The Gift of Being Yourself.”

In his book, Benner says that “the grace of knowing” oneself is always a gift of God, but “we have to turn up to receive and open this gift.” (p.104) His work takes us through a journey of reminders: that we are deeply loved by God, that we are deeply loved by God as we really are, and that as we move to a secure identity in God, we can also move into our unique vocation and calling.

The book includes a rich reflection on the Garden of Eden and Fall narratives in Scripture to consider both the “true self” that God sees and the “false selves” that we hide behind. Ultimately, Benner asserts that God’s will is more about our being than it is about our doing. As we know God and know ourselves, we are grounded in our identity in Christ and able to move more confidently and clearly from that place into our various expressions of “doing” in the world.

Dates: January 29 and February 19

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Location: To Be Announced (email or let us know in the sign up form if you would like to host. We will bring the meal!)

Cost: $49, which includes dinner. Scholarships are available! Let us know when you register that you would like one.

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